We have worked closely with Gateshead Sight Service for training and experience in Low Vision practice. Northumberland used to have an excellent funded scheme which allowed patients to be assessed by their optometrist, and get loaned magnifiers and equipment from a central ‘bank’.

This scheme has unfortunately not been continued, but we still have the expertise and the equipment. The only down side is that the magnifiers are not free. High quality LED illuminated magnifiers cost about £40 and simpler illuminated models are from £10. We can refer into the RVI Low Vision Service where magnifiers are still loaned, but it means trips to the hospital and the inherent wait for appointments.

We are professional members of the Macular Society and Lucy is on their advisory panel for publications.

We have a special interest in the effect of nutrition on macular degeneration, and can give you the most up to date advice on this.

We can direct you to local help available for support in the home by an organisation contracted to Northumberland Council (previously Northumberland County Blind Association but new contract pending).