We fit all types of contact lenses... astigmatism no problem, multifocals no problem, and many daily disposable lenses can be supplied from stock. All of the McGregor family and most of the staff wear contact lenses. We love them!

Many people have been told that they cannot be fitted with contact lenses. Most people CAN. Being independent means we can choose lenses from a large range of companies. Lenses can be custom made for complicated prescriptions. Children can be fitted with contact lenses as soon as they are able to handle the lenses themselves. Our youngest lens wearer is 8 years old and our oldest is ………(classified information, but over 80).

If you have never tried contact lenses before but are worried about not getting used to them…… then relax! You can be fitted with lenses and have a no obligation trial. If at the end of the trial you don’t think lenses are for you, then there is no charge. Just book an appointment and leave the rest to us. We need an up to date spectacle prescription before proceeding with contact lenses, so we do an eye examination first, unless you have recently been tested elsewhere, in which case please bring your prescription form with you.

Our favourite lenses are silicone hydrogel soft lenses. They are ultra permeable to oxygen so the eyes can ‘breathe’ properly even if the lenses are worn for many hours. This means the eyes are healthier and less prone to infection.

We have a fair and transparent pricing structure so you can see what you pay for lenses, solutions and the optometrist’s time (planned aftercare visits and 24/7 emergency care). Our lens costs are usually less than elsewhere on the internet, and our special care for your eyes CANNOT be found online. You only have one pair of eyes, look after them well!

Direct Debit payments can be arranged for ongoing contact lens supply or you can just pay on collection.